Dear colleagues and friends,

2021 was a special year, a moment in history in which all of us had to keep adapting to a new world, changed by the ongoing Pandemic.
Let’s take a minute to reflect on the challenges we faced and celebrate the team work of the EMDR Europe community.
Once again, our Association proved to answer effectively to the needs created by the Pandemic: we created important practical resources explaining how the different disorders were impacted by COVID-19; many countries organised trainings and seminars online to support our members, clinicians, and healthcare staff working in hospitals; this led to an important recognition in the UK, where the NHS commissioned the creation of an expert reference group to discuss core competencies in EMDR after seeing the key contribution given by EMDR UK in assisting healthcare staff.
2021 was also the year when we could get together again at our annual Conference after months of isolation. Nearly 2,000 therapists from around the world gathered virtually to attend the sessions, and the virtual format offered a safe space to share ideas and experiences related to the Pandemic, to discuss the challenges of the future and to create a wider and stronger network.
This year our community got bigger indeed: EMDR Europe is now an Association of 38 countries and more than 30’000 members. Armenia, Bulgaria, Croatia and North Macedonia joined EMDR Europe during the year, thanks to the support of many members of other countries that contributed to expand EMDR Therapy in these new countries. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all also for your dedication and collaboration. You commit endless hours to assist clients, to give input to the proper governance of our organization and to make sure clinicians are provided with opportunities to continue learning.
I wish you an exceptionally good and safe holiday season and I hope that the New Year brings you much health, happiness and passion for our field.